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IntraLASIK - how it works ?

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IntraLASIK - how it works ?

STEP1: INTRALASIK uses the INTRALASE Femtosecond Laser to perform the FIRST step of FLAP CREATION.

Local anaesthetic drops are used to numb the eye - it is a PAIN FREE procedure. In order to create an accurate ultra-thin flap the cornea needs to be slightly flattened. The eye is gently held open and the only feeling patients report is this slight pressure which is from making the cornea flat. Unlike the microkeratome which uses a blade, the Intralase laser creates a flap by producing thousands of miniature bubbles in the cornea with micro-accuracy. These bubbles join together to separate a layer of the cornea which becomes the flap. If the surgeon is happy a second set of bubbles creates the side of the flap, leaving a gap at the top for the hinge. In this way a highly PRECISE ultra-thin layer or flap of the cornea is fashioned.
Wavefront Example 1

The surgeon has the ability to restart the process of flap creation if he is not satisfied avoiding any delay in vision correction (as would happen with regular LASIK the bladed procedure using a microkeratome).

How Vision Correction Works ?

STEP2: The patient is moved to a SECOND laser - the Excimer (Bausch and Lomb Z100) .


Here the Intralase flap is lifted and the treatment for the patient is applied. (A variety of options are available using the Intralase laser: Standard IntraLASIK, Zyoptix Tissue Savings and Zyoptix Wavefront - the surgeon will inform you as to what is most suitable for you). The flap is then replaced and allowed to dry. The Intralasik procedure requires no stitches and the flap sticks by a variety of natural forces. The patient then leaves the room and sits in a waiting area for about 20 mins, after which the vision is checked and eye examined. A huge difference in vision is immediate, though it continues to improve over the next three months.

Treatments Offered

What Will You Feel ?

The Intralasik procedure takes about 6 minutes per eye. You will have had a tablet to relax you and you will be amazed how quickly the time goes. As mentioned you might feel some pressure with the Intralase laser interface (suction device) and your vision may go either dark or white. With the second portion of the treatment you will not feel anything and will just have to look at a flashing blurry red light. You can be reassured that the using the Intralase laser to create flap is much safer than a blade microkeratome.

After the Intralasik procedure (like the microkeratome procedure) your eyes may stream and you might have the sensation of soap in your eyes for about 3 hours. Typically patients just want to go to sleep and once they wake up they are fine.