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LADARVision® 4000 Excimer Laser

LADARVision® 4000 Excimer Laser

LADARVision® is unquestionably one of the most sophisticated and precise laser vision correction systems available today.

LADARVision® 4000 Excimer Laser

LADARVision Excimer Laser

Why we've chosen LADARVision®:

  • Using laser and radar technology developed by NASA, LADARVision® was the first approved system with active eye tracking, which compensates for involuntary eye movements. Although other laser systems have now developed eye-tracking systems, LADARVision® has the only system utilizing laser radar tracking technology, a system that measures eye movement 4,000 times each second and is capable of following eye movements regardless of how rapid or erratic they may be. Successful laser application does not rely on your ability to hold your eye perfectly still.

Top left eye without tracking.
Right eye with tracking

With tracker disabled the lines show a high degree of involuntary eye movement.

With tracker enabled, the laser tracks eye movement throughout the procedure.

  • LADARVision® is the only Excimer laser system with an FDA-approved claim that states that its LADARTracker™ improves the accuracy of corneal shaping.
LADARTracker™ improves the
accuracy of corneal shapingl
  • Many doctors believe that the LADARVision® system with its LADARTracker™ is ideal for treating farsightedness and astigmatism because correction for these vision problems requires longer laser treatment times. During these longer treatments, the LADARVision® eye tracker accurately follows eye movement.
  • LADARVision® has the broadest range of approvals of any FDA-approved Excimer laser and makes it the only one capable of treating all types of refractive errors including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • LADARVision®'s unique small-spot laser beam (less than one millimeter in diameter) offers micron size reshaping of the cornea resulting in an extremely smooth surface. LADARVision's ability to use a larger optical zone for treatments minimizes potential nighttime side effects of glare, halos, and starbursts. This feature is most important for patients with large pupils.

LADARTracker™ improves the
accuracy of corneal shaping